Implementation Science

Driving the better use of effective interventions in health, education and human services.

Improve Project Success

Achieving full and effective implementation of evidence-informed programs into every day services takes time. 

Many factors can get in the way of actual implementation: Competing demands on frontline practitioners; lack of knowledge, skills and resources; limited political support; misalignment of the evidence with operational priorities and so on.

Implementation science develops strategies to address some of these factors and improve the quality with which programs and practices are implemented. Implementation science grew out of the health area – endeavouring to answer the big community health questions such as, ‘How do we get equitable services to the populations that could benefit from them most?’ It is also being applied in the education and human services settings.

The Implementation Science Learning Community is a group of like-minded professionals who seek to offer support to those implementing programs to get better results. We provide FREE learning events, access to Free Resources and a forum to reach out to others working in the sector for guidance and advice.

We look forward to meeting you.

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