Our Start

This initiative is the brain-child of Peter Carswell, an organisational psychologist with a PhD in organisation science and a director at Synergia based in Auckland. In the course of his work, he became aware of the challenges facing individuals and teams looking to successful launch a new program or initiative, and could see the benefit of hosting an independent grouping where those working in this space could share learning, build collegial networks and generally improve practice.

The Grow team are happy to support Peter and the Synergia team with this vision, as we aim to transform lives by sharing knowledge & skills, building hope and championing those who are making a positive difference in the lives of others.

If this is a vision you also share, we would love to hear from you and please feel free to contact either:

Peter Carswell
+64 27 419 1663

Shaun Lines
+64 21 751 932

How is Implementation Science different from organisational change or change management?

All share the same goal of improving programs, services and operations, and the methods used can overlap. Implementation science on the other hand, contributes to or uses a body of research evidence. 

Implementation scientists study the processes that enable better implementation and that get in the way of it, and apply that research-based knowledge in practice. For example, from implementation science, we know coaching in-situ for frontline practitioners learning new practices is one of the most effective ways to help them to deliver that approach well. Training by itself, no matter how good, has been shown to be ineffective in achieving this.

The implementation science literature also clearly shows the importance of considering the readiness of an organisation or system to implement the program or practices. This has resulted in the development of a number of tried and tested readiness assessments to improve the chances of achieving intended changes.

Need Help with Implementing a Program?

The Synergia team offer free 1 hour consultations to all new clients