Building Integrated Data Across Organisations: A how-to guide

Date: Tuesday 27 July
Time: 4pm - 6pm
Venue: Mercure Wellington Abel Tasman Hotel

Our health and social systems are full of examples where government and community organisations want to safely share date for a common good, but don’t know how.

The problem is that information is held by organisations with different technology,  variable technical skills, complicated permissions and, often, a level of competing interests.
Synergia has been successfully pioneering linking data systems across health and social services. We believe solutions start with the democratisation of common data through the creation of opt-in systems, the right technological approach, and common data governance.

In this seminar, we will discuss the barriers to linked data and explore practical solutions that bring together technological and process solutions, to create aligned interests across organisations.  Data integration moves at the speed of trust.

Paul will use several examples of solutions, including a current project creating a national data commons for hospices. Examples will highlight the importance of aligning technical and relationship solutions.  He will be joined by Mary Schumacher, the CEO of Hospice NZ, to discuss a national data commons that Synergia is developing for hospices.

Who is this aimed at:

  • Programme and organisational leaders
  • People involved in developing integrated services and interagency collaboration
  • Technology and data strategists

Learning Outcomes:

  • An understanding of practical solutions to link data
  • How linked data can enhance performance and integration across organisations  
  • How linked data could support the work of your organisation 

About the presenter

Paul Stephenson is a leader in the design and development of health services.  Initially working in senior health sector managerial roles in New Zealand and Australia, he has for the past 17 years been a Director of Synergia Ltd. 

Paul specialises in consulting assignments requiring large scale change across organisations and professional groups.  His work has increasingly focused on how integrated data can improve collective performance across joined up systems. 

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